Diagnostics company focused on public health challenges in infectious diseases & treatment compounds, community threats from pathogens & chemicals and environmental contamination from pathogens & chemicals.


BioDetector Holdings Limited will be the developer and supplier of products into the large in vitro diagnostic market, with a particular emphasis on the global Point of Care (POC)/Point of Service testing market (including the NHS).

BioDetectors is ideally placed to provide the diagnostics for emerging public health paradigm, particularly in the UK NHS with the current emphasis on finding improved efficiency in services delivery. BioDetectors diagnostics offer improved performance (faster, easier, more accurate) while delivering significant expenditure savings over traditional tests. BioDetectors technology is suitable to be used by medical technicians in a pathology laboratory environment and as PoC.

Company Strategy:

Biodetectors will use a combination of the technologies to which it has rights (in development) and licensed- in technologies to service human health care needs. Thus, BioDetectors will enable a step change in enhanced diagnostics, allowing pathologists and clinicians to detect disease earlier, with greater certainty and better monitor disease progress and effectiveness of treatment. In some cases, these products may provide the ability to detect diseases before symptoms are presented, enabling effective screening and treatment. Generally, Biodetectors will outsource the development and manufacture of it’s products.

We believe this technology has considerable financial potential while providing essential protective applications for the benefit of the public.


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