Biogelx Limited


Biogelx is a biomaterials company which designs and supplies peptide hydrogels for cell culture, precisely tuned to the requirements of the cell.  These products have applications in fundamental cell research, toxicology/drug development, 3D printing and may ultimately be translated to cell therapy/regenerative medicine ( hydrogels offer a 3D environment for customers to grow their cells in a way that closely matches the natural environment that the cells experience in the body. 

The chemical and physical properties of the hydrogels match the characteristics experienced by cells within tissues, thus enabling the study and manipulation of cells in a realistic 3D environment which is simple, fully defined and tuneable.

The product's unique cell-matching capabilities clearly provide academic users, medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies with a serious alternative to competing 3D cell culture products.

Biogelx has been trading for over 3 years, with international customers and offices in Scotland and New York.