Biogelx Limited

Biogelx is a biomaterials company that have developed non-animal derived peptide hydrogels and bioinks which can mimic tissue environments.


Biogelx's patented peptide hydrogel technology is currently being used worldwide and can demonstrate these materials successfully mimic the microenvironment of human tissues to grow a wide range of primary and stem cell lines.

These products have applications in fundamental cell research, toxicology/drug development, 3D printing and are translatable to cell therapy/regenerative medicine. The synthetic peptide technology has many benefits including the ability to tune mechanical stiffness and chemical biofunctionality creating a synthetic ECM within an in-vitro environment.

The product's unique cell-matching capabilities provide end-users including academic users, medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies with a realistic alternative to traditional 2D cell culture methods.

Biogelx has been trading for over 8 years, with international customers over 5 continents. Biogelx offices are based in Scotland.


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