Our mission is to make the world’s most incredible images – and the insights they bring – accessible to absolutely everyone.


Bird.i is a super fast growing “big data from space” start-up backed-up by private investors. We have unique partnership agreements with the world leading commercial satellite and airborne operators. We curate on average 10m sqkm of the best of the world’s satellite, airborne and drone imagery every day to create an up- to-date view of our world that everyone can explore, anytime. Our mission is to make the world’s most incredible images – and the insights they bring – accessible to absolutely everyone.

Our vision to uncover your world in real time.

We empower everyone to use images from the sky to raise awareness, make informed decision and experience the benefits.

Our subscription service provides up to date imagery into GoogleMaps and other mapping applications so that every user can make informed decision on their personal and professional lives (saving costs, gaining competitive advantage…)

We access fresh imagery through our partnerships with the two world leading Earth Observation satellite operators (80% of the existing market) and airborne & drone operators. We extract the value of this imagery and associate to it the social context for potential demand, which we define from on-line locations and events trends. We bring this imagery and its value within the reach of those individuals and businesses who can benefit from it.

Our ambition is to establish and grow the mass market for observation imagery, which is estimated greater than $24bn by 2022.

Our core values are:

  • Transparency: Sharing is a good thing. At Bird.i, we promote an open and transparent culture which stimulates collaboration and spontaneity. Unnecessary barriers between Bird.i’s collaborators are removed and we encourage the development of multiple styles  of communication. Learning from failures and successes is at the heart of our transparent culture.
  • Fun: Having fun is important. Our nature is to make Bird.i’s environment not only enjoyable but a truly place for all. Creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere is important to all of us and it will also transpire to partners, customers and to the entire Bird.i’s ecosystem.
  • Simplicity: Simplifying is key. Not only we make it simple to access “images from the sky”, but we aim at extracting Bird.i from too specialised and too jargon-driven environments. Efforts to use a language easily understandable by all and to make everything simple are paramount. We strive at removing complexity in everything we do, internally and externally.
  • User Centric: Knowing what users’ want is crucial. Our leading goal is to promote the use of “images from the sky” to boost their usage and generate economic value. We want to develop great products that users want to use, and to achieve this, we need to always talk to them. Innovation and technology advances are only there to serve end-user demands.

What better way to find out what it is like to live in Glasgow and work in Scotland’s Space industry, than hearing from Charlie and Siva, two skilled international people who have chosen to make Scotland their home.