Bitwise Ltd

Bitwise is an ISO9001/27001/13485 accredited design and development services company specialising in product development assistance to R&D teams.

BitWise Ltd

In Scotland, we support many of the key R&D teams and our work across the Bitwise Group extends throughout Europe and the US.

We provide software design, development, test and system integration services to clients around the globe. For over 30 years we have successfully delivered complex projects to some of the world’s leading technology companies. Using our wealth of skills, experience and management expertise we de-risk our client’s development to ensure products reach their market faster.

Specialising in embedded software and associated applications we operate across many different markets that are linked by a consistent demand for very high quality and reliability. For example: medical, automotive, high integrity communications, financial transactions or safety critical control. Bitwise has offices across northern Europe and is headquartered in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Our clients use our services to help solve a number of business challenges including:


  • Accelerating execution of the product roadmap.
  • Developing strategies for new technology or architectures.
  • Prolonging existing product life by adding new features.
  • Increasing the performance and maintainability of struggling systems.
  • Providing fully independent validation and verification.
  • Improving test coverage and through-put via automation.

Our base in Scotland gives us access to an excellent workforce which is highly educated, skilled and trained. Locally, our large Scottish team with its strong embedded software and software communications experience, provides a unique software development service.


Crescent House
Carnegie Campus
KY11 8GR

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