Bloxx – a No Nonsense organisation For the past five years, Bloxx has developed internet filtering solutions designed for Business and Public Sector clients. The latest Bloxx range of internet filtering solutions provides solutions for networks ranging i


The Bloxx approach

  • Internet filtering should be appliance-based and secure.
  • Admin should be easy and automated, to let IT staff "get on with their day job".
  • Organisations cannot rely solely on URL database filtering; there has to be more intelligent and dynamic page scanning technology to ensure high standards.
  • Customers should not be asked to pay "cost per user" charges.

Users of Bloxx internet filtering technology include Government, Education (schools, local education authorities, colleges, universities), NHS and Businesses. They benefit from enhanced security and performance with low administration. They also enjoy additional protection with advanced internet filtering technology, improved performance with our on-board cache plus anti virus and anti spyware functionality as standard.


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