Bluenio Limited

Bluenio is an dynamic, Edinburgh based technology company that provides a range of well-designed, innovative apps and unique accessories for smartphones and tablets. 

bluenio Logo

Bluenio was created with a simple mantra; to provide useful & unique products for your smartphone and tablet.

Our expertise covers product design, app development on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone and we have a depth of knowledge in Bluetooth technology that is unique in Scotland.

Using our Bluetooth expertise, Bluenio has developed a unique, award winning and patent pending product called nio™. nio™ prevents the loss or theft of valuable items by wirelessly chaining them to your Smartphone. nio™ security tags can be attached to any item you don’t want to lose, from keys and bags to children. Both the security tag and Smartphone alarm if the wireless chain is broken. Users can tag multiple devices in parallel and there are a wide range of additional features available including tag location, phone back-up and instant SMS/Email alert if an item goes missing.

Having had a great start to 2012, we are now looking to further grow the company as we take nio and other products to market during 2013 and are on the look-out for bright, motivated individuals that relish a challenge and are happy to learn new skills.


9-11 Maritime Street