BOC is a member of the Linde Group, a world leading industrial gases and engineering company with annual sales of over €12 billion. And with more than 64,000 employees in around 100 countries, we've created the kind of working environment where you can put your skills and experience to the test - and build a great career.


The challenges facing many within the manufacturing industry consist of cost-saving initiatives, value-adding projects and innovation in applications across fabrication, repair and maintenance.

Utilising a dedicated technical and field-based team, BOC aims to bring manufacturing excellence across a range of market sectors.

We continually look to improve our expertise and knowledge, bringing complete solutions to a range of customer needs and requirements.

Aerospace & Defence

  At BOC we work closely with defence agencies and aerospace manufacturers to create tailored services built around our customers' strategic needs.


  BOC's development of new flame straightening applications directly aids the UK shipbuilding industry.


  From small repair shops to the world's largest automotive manufacturers, we work with the automotive industry to achieve high quality, high productivity and lower costs.

Metal Fabrication

  The metal fabrication industry involves the construction and building of machines, piping systems, steel bridges, pressure vessels, ships, containers, transportation systems, trucks and cars, to name but a few.


  Ever-increasing passenger numbers are leading to major investment in network expansion, capacity increase and high speed rail.

Offshore Wind Energy

  Performance standards for wind turbine components, particularly those operating offshore, confront manufacturers with tough challenges. BOC offers a number of products and applications that are up to these challenges.

Medical Devices & Precision Instruments

  The trend towards an increasingly aged population in the UK is projected to continue. The associated healthcare needs place unique demands on the manufacturers of medical devices and precision instruments.