BrightPage Technologies Ltd

You know predictive text for writing, we are developing predictive text for reading. 

BrightPage Technologies Ltd

We are innovating the digital reading experience

Have you noticed that text on screen is typically presented like it is ink on a page? The potential of dynamic, powerful, electronic displays is not being harnessed. Reading can be a more engaging and efficient experience for everyone, but a new approach is especially needed for the visually impaired. 

Based on university research, this approach moves the text to mimic natural eye movements. The machine thus takes on some of the burden. It is like predictive text for reading. 

We have received the backing of both the Royal Academy of Engineering and Innovate UK to develop this technology and produce market-ready software to aid the visually impaired to read. 

We have begun the conversation with the largest US tech companies about how they can integrate our solution. The first step, however, will be to develop the tech into a standalone app. We have the support of several major vision charities in the UK and the USA who are ready to promote us.  

You will be coming in right from the start, as we develop the basic solution and then think creatively, exploring the many possibilities it opens up. Your contributions to shaping this business will be welcomed.