BVG Associates

BVG Associates is an independent consultancy with a global outlook, specialising in the technology, delivery and economics of wind and ocean energy generation systems.

BVG Associates

Our sole purpose is to help clients establish renewable energy generation as a major, responsible and cost-effective part of a sustainable global energy mix, and our difference to other consultancies is in how we do business. The BVG Associates team has the best objective knowledge of the market and supply chain for wind turbines in the UK, derived from over 130 combined years of experience. Our significant client base spans Government, enabling bodies, turbine manufacturers, developers and investors through to the entire supply chain.

We specialise in delivering market insight and analysis, supply chain development, technical innovation and project implementation, enhanced by our hands-on experience and deep understanding of technology. Our team arguably has the best objective knowledge of the market and supply chain for wind turbines in the UK.

We provide bespoke support to a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Investors – due diligence, technological and market advice
  • Asset managers – fault trees, SCADA and O,S&M optimisation
  • Device developers and suppliers – R&D, technology, innovation support, prototyping, facilitating investment and supply chain support
  • Suppliers – targeting areas for development and collaboration, R&D, innovation strategies, facilitating investment and access to supply chain
  • Project developers – optimizing success, socioeconomic impacts, supply chain strategy and technology due diligence
  • Enablers – market and economic analysis, R&D programme support and assessment, supply chain opportunities and education.
  • Landowners & leaseholders – feasibility, site selection, due diligence, economics, owner’s engineer, community ownership and performance reviews.

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