Calcivis Limited

CALCIVIS is an innovative UK dental biologic and device manufacturer focused on revolutionising treatment of tooth decay and enabling preventive dentistry. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, CALCIVIS brings world-class development and business management expertise to a sector eager to reduce reliance on costly, complex and painful surgical interventions.

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The CALCIVIS imaging system enables live visualisation of active demineralisation, improving early identification and engaging patients.

CALCIVIS photoprotein is a first for dentistry: a dental biologic which produces light exclusively as a reaction to the presence of free calcium ions released from actively demineralising tooth surfaces. The CALCIVIS imaging device is a specialised device designed exclusively to image the tooth surface after delivering an application of CALCIVIS photoprotein.

By supporting early decision making and improving patient communication, compliance with oral health advice increases and consent for prescribed treatment improves leading to enhanced clinical and professional outcomes.


Nine Edinburgh BioQuarter
9 Little France Road
EH16 4UX