Castlepoint Systems

Castlepoint lets you know your own data, in any format, every single system. Its search, audit, and records sentencing capability automatically manages your obligations and risk, so you can focus on what you care most about. It’s invisible to general users, and easy to deploy and run.

Castlepoint Systems

Castlepoint is an Artificial Intelligence solution used and trusted by government and commercial organisations to apply cutting-edge technology to resolve the long-standing, intractable problems of eDiscovery, security and records management, and to overcome the limitations of traditional records systems. 

Castlepoint answers the question – what could you achieve if you knew what every piece of information in your environment was about, where it was, what was happening to it, what rules applied to it, and whether those rules were being met?

Castlepoint uses artificial intelligence to automatically register, classify, sentence, track, monitor and audit all records of a business, no matter what system they are stored in. This provides full compliance and control of all information assets, with no negative impacts on users, governance teams, or information systems.