Cipher Surgical

The company designs and manufactrues a range of innovative products in laparoscopic surgery.

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The founders of this business are very experienced in development of Medical Technology companies. They have productionised a truly effective solution to a long-standing problem in laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery.

In laparoscopy a  laparoscope is used so that the surgeon can observe what he/she is doing by means of live images collected by the laparoscope and cast onto a screen.

The surgeon’s view is frequently obscured by material such as blood and tissue covering the lens of the laparoscope inside the body. Currently the laparscope  has to be withdrawn for a  cleaning procedure. This delays the operation and interrupts the surgeon’s work.

The company will make money from the sales of a patented attachment to the laparoscope which clears the lens in situ without the need for removal from the patient.  Other solutions offered so far have not worked and therefore surgeons revert to current methodology of removal.


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