Class4Kids is an exciting new way for parents to find and book kids classes and activities.  For organisers life has never been easier with our management system that allows owners to advertise, take bookings and manage clients.


Class4Kids started in April 2013 has already become the largest kids class listing service in the UK.  We are a custom software company with a sales team that all work together for growth and constantly push ourself in the targets we set to challange the industry and take control of the market.

If Class4Kids could be summed up in a word, it would be ‘passion’.  Passion when we develop our software and work on features, Passion when we sell our business to new customers.  Passion when we speak to existing customers.  Passion when we set our targets and plan.  This will take Class4Kids to live the dream that was set out in the early days.  Our plan is to share with the world the Class4Kids dream and be the industry leaders that make life easier for parents and organisers.

Class4Kids team is a mix of different talents, personalities, experience.  We are individuals who excel at our roles within Class4Kids making team goals and targets achievable with trust in each other.  We start every feature or sales target with a vision.  This vision then gets forgotten about as we set about doing all we can to achieve what we set out to achieve.  Once complete a new vision is placed in front of the team.  We have never missed a target on this formula.