Clyde Space

Clyde Space is a spacecraft power and analogue electronics engineering company based on the West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow.

Clyde Space

Our primary market is the design and production of power subsystem for small satellites, but we are also involved in the design and production of power management systems for small renewable energy systems.

Although a young company, Clyde Space is quickly establishing itself as a leading supplier of reliable, high performance power subsystems for small satellites. Clyde Space has secured a number of power management systems, battery and solar array contracts for small satellites.

The strengths of Clyde Space are our professionalism, technical competence, and dedication to the job. As a small company, to our customers we offer flexibility, excellent customer service and a willingness to dream and create. As an employer we aim to provide a vibrant, fulfilling working environment; presenting both technical challenges and a great team atmosphere.


Helix Building
Kelvin Campus
G20 0SP

+44 (0) 141 946 4440