Contact Advantage Limited

Contact Advantage is a growing software development company based near Glasgow. It  specialises in the Automotive Sector supplying CRM and Sales Mangement systems to over 500 dealers across the UK and a growing number of major brands (Nissan, Suzuki, Renault) are using it's 'Data Hub' offering to link their entire dealer networks.

Contact Advantage

The company was formed in 2001 with the realisation that over the last twenty years the car manufacturing process has led to far more reliability within the different car marques. As a result, the quality gap between marques had narrowed and in turn this has changed the consumer’s decision-making process. Consumers now place a much higher value on the relationship and customer service aspects of the purchase in relation to the dealers. Therefore the long-term success of the dealership/manufacturer is directly related to their ability to develop, nurture and exploit the relationship with the consumer over time.

CA’s products are built around our unique ‘e-broker’ technology that enables us to quickly adapt our offerings to deliver large increases in sales and far better customer information management. The products can be tailored to a dealer or manufacturer’s exact requirements and provide a number of key benefits including the ability to:

  • Track all sales leads and generate additional sales
  • Track all manufacturers’ targets
  • Manage sales information
  • Recover lost sales
  • Manage stock
  • Communicates with the customer by e-mail, SMS, WAP or the web
  • Track customer and keep them satisfied across the buying experience and build lifetime relationships
  • And, importantly, increase sales and profit for clients

CA are now moving more in to the mobile technology space and developing solutions for Ipad and other similar devices. These will play a crucial part in future strategies and new target markets both in the UK and overseas.

We are proud of their people and products – factors that have led to a forward-looking business that has gained a reputation for innovation and quality of service.


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