Using Waste to Eliminate Waste Naturally

CuanTec Ltd

CuanTec is a biotechnology company based in Scotland, who have developed a gentle, biological method to extract the natural product chitin from different sources of waste from the food industry.  Chitin and its derivative, chitosan, have fantastic properties, with uses in a wide range of applications.

We aim to have a zero-waste, circular business and that starts by using waste shells from the seafood industry to create a compostable, antimicrobial material that can replace single use plastic packaging and extend the shelf life of fresh food. 

At CuanTec, we aim to: 

Reduce Plastic Pollution: CuanTec have developed the World's first clear Chitosan films with natural antimicrobial properties to replace single-use plastics. This is only possible due to our propriety methods of extraction that use less energy and have zero waste. 

Prevent Food Waste: Chitosan has antimicrobial properties. By using this as a key ingredient in our packaging, we can extend the shelf life of fresh seafood, allowing your fresh food to last longer. 

Promote a Circular Economy: We have carefully designed our methods to be a zero waste, circular process. We use waste from another industry as our raw material and ensure any by-products are repurposed.


European Centre for Marine Biotechnology
Dunstaffnage Marine Lab
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