Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME)

The Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) is one of the premier providers of teaching and research in Naval Architecture and its related disciplines.


NAME is a joint department of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde; as a result our facilities for both teaching and research are unrivalled in Europe.

Our teaching facilities are located at the John Anderson Campus of the University of Strathclyde in the centre of Glasgow. NAME is housed in its own building, the Henry Dyer Building, which contains lecture rooms, a computer laboratory exclusively for NAME students, project rooms, a small hydrodynamics laboratory and staff offices.

Our researchers are currently located in a new, custom-built reasearch area in the Henry Dyer building. Through the Centre for Marine Hydrodynamics (CMH) we operate a major hydrodynamics laboratory facility: the Acre Road Hydrodynamics Laboratory located in the outskirts of Glasgow.

NAME is a highly active research department, with world-leading expertise in a number of research areas. Our main research interests lie in ship stability and safety, marine hydrodynamics, marine structures, ocean engineering, marine engineering and emerging technologies. NAME staff participate in a wide range of research projects and networks funded by the EPSRC, EU, and the UK government.


Department of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
Henry Dyer Building
G4 0LZ

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