Digital Barriers

Digital Barriers provides advanced surveillance technologies to the international homeland security and defence markets. Its mantra is to provide advanced surveillance technologies that enhance situational awareness and deliver real-time intelligence.

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Employing around 160 people worldwide, Digital Barriers is headquartered in the UK with regional offices and operations spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, we work with governments, multinational corporations and system integrators on the most complex and critical surveillance challenges across the defence, law enforcement, critical infrastructure, transport and natural resources sectors.

The Advanced Technologies group, which is based in Glasgow, concentrates on the core technologies of any surveillance systems including sensors and transmission.

The Advanced Technologies group provide world-leading capabilities in wireless video, audio and data streaming. With a radically different approach to video encoding and communications management, they can deliver high-quality, low latency surveillance over narrow bandwidth networks.

Existing systems can also provide multiple encoding formats, both standard and proprietary, to make use of the best available bandwidth to ensure optimal surveillance performance in all conditions.


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