Digitalnauts is a company focused on the development of quality training solutions that embrace emerging technologies. Identifying new and innovative ways to deliver training and eLearning. Our cutting-edge products and services provide learning that is future proof and can make a measurable impact on an organisation.

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Digitalnauts Ltd is focused on the development of quality learning solutions that embrace emerging technologies. With a focus on Virtual and Mixed Reality, Digitalnauts works with their clients to create high quality and effective training solutions to meet the needs of their organisation and learners.

Co-Founders Charles Seguin (France), Mark Baxter (Scotland) and Liz Lecompte (United States of America) are a team of experts in Instructional Design, UI/UX, game technology, and development. Our eLearning modules, platforms, and apps provide customers with products that are built to scale and last for years to come.

Through many years of experience in the eLearning and game sectors, the team focuses on providing clients with an opportunity to have a technical solution that accurately reflects their business ethos and user priorities by adapting their experience in eLearning to meet the precise needs of the business and their learners.

Our experience has allowed us to engage with organisations and understand the varying requirements needed to implement immersive training across a variety of sectors, developing solutions for construction, healthcare, oil & gas, marine, archeology, and education. Developing their own cross-platform training framework and custom LMS designed for XR, a full end to end solution for corporate immersive training needs.