Our mission: To help our customers understand their customers. We want to enable any business to effortlessly make use of bank data and provide customer insights that help grow their business, revolutionise their offerings, and transform their customers’ experience.


A global Scotland-based FinTech, DirectID, has been pioneering the use of bank data and Open Banking since 2011. DirectID builds products based on bank data, which help firms onboard their customers quickly, and gain a fuller understanding of them.

DirectID’s suite of products assess bank statement information, affordability and income, allowing our customers to access and present data. Our end-to-end data and insights suite connects to consumers, effortlessly gathers data, automatically categorises transactions, presents APIs and provides insights on consumer financial behaviours - all in seconds.

DirectID is an active participant in the UK Open Banking initiative and a founding member of the Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA), Innovate Finance, and Open Banking Excellence. The company is authorised and regulated in the UK as an Account Information Service Provider by the FCA.

The business is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Formed in 2011, it currently employs 30 staff.

DirectID creates convenience for consumers and helps businesses remove friction caused in the application process. This allows them to easily onboard their customers by solving pains such as affordability and credit risk.

DirectID connects to all the CMA9 banks, plus both Monzo and Starling. DirectID provides UK wide coverage to nearly 100% of the current account market to obtain secure trusted read-only bank data.

DirectID has 35 business customers globally and offers bespoke solutions to meet their requirements around consumption of bank data. For each of our customers we offer insights and analysis that help them attain their business objectives. This forms a number of use cases, from helping with swifter customer onboarding, making better credit risk decisions, bank account verification, income verification and affordability decisioning.


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