Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging (EM Imaging) is a biotechnology company developing systemic radiotherapy (SR) and Optical Imaging (OI) agents using its proprietary c-Met targeting platform.  Our SR agents deliver a radionuclide directly to tumours at the molecular level allowing imaging and therapy of diseased tissue and the OI agents also target tumours but carry a fluorescent moliecule allowing surgeons to see the extent of disease and to excise sufficent but not excessive tissue to dramatically reduce the risk of recurring disease at the operation site.. 

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd

Founded in 2014, Edinburgh Molecular Imaging is a clinical phase biotechnology company focused on enabling image guided interventional medicine. The company’s molecular targeting technology has the potential to tackle disease in real-time to allow interventional procedures including surgery and therapy, providing more accurate treatment while sparing healthy tissue.

The focus of EM Imaging is the discovery and development of small molecules and peptides that, when conjugated with fluorescent dyes or radionuclides, target and specifically bind with cancerous cells and other diseased tissues. This provides the clinician with a clearer view of the extent of disease and thus a decision-making tool to benefit the patient.  Our molecular targeted systemic radiotherapy agent then allows the delivery of a therapeutic dose of radioactivity directly to the tumour, maximising the impact on cancerous cells and minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue.   

The EM Imaging team has decades of documented success in imaging agent amd therapeutics discovery and development, with expertise spanning from medicinal chemistry, radiochemistry, biochemistry and cell biology, along with direct clinical expertise. The team also has significant expertise in the clinical development, approval and reimbursement of molecular imaging and therapeutic agents. EM Imaging plans to become a leader in offering systemic radiotherapy agents for the direct treatment of cancer, and targeted fluorescent optical imaging and PET imaging agents as a cost effective and accessible imaging modality.


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