Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd

Founded in 2014, Edinburgh Molecular Imaging (EM Imaging) is an Optical Imaging Agent company focused on the rapid discovery and development of SMART Optical imaging agents to image and diagnose chronic inflammatory diseases, lung infection, fibrotic disorders and cancer.

Edinburgh Molecular Imaging Ltd

EM Imaging was spun out of from Edinburgh University in2014, having been founded by a very experienced team of scientists & clinicians who had received over £10 Million in non-dilutive funding from both the Wellcome Trust and MRC. 

The Company has since made great progress in developing its range of fluorescent ‘smartprobes’ that enable real-time molecular imaging for the diagnosis of various major diseases.  As a result, we now believe the company has the potential to transform the in vivo diagnostic imaging space via its proprietary pipeline of disease-specific "SMART probe" agents, which enables diagnosis in real time at the bedside.

The company is based in Building 9 Bioquarter, Edinburgh, where it has established R&D laboratories and offices.


Nine Edinburgh BioQuarter
9 Little France Road
EH16 4UX