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EDP Renováveis is a world leader in the renewable energy sector. We operate in the most attractive markets and we are continuously expanding our business to new areas of the globe. We make the same commitment to lead each one of our markets.

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Currently, we are the european and world’s third largest wind energy company. We have undergone exceptional development in recent years and we want to continue to grow and create value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Our growth is the result of an extraordinary capacity to implement projects and to smoothly integrate the companies acquired during the period from 2005 to 2010. Our markets provide more attractive growth possibilities, principally due to their growth prospects and the fact that they possess a stable regulatory structure that permits profit generation.

We also possess a set of very high quality assets. The company is focused on the operational excellence of those assets, as shown by its above-average operating indicators for the markets in which it operates.

Career Development

Career development and progression is a key factor in the success of our business. We provide employees with the support and training they need to grow and mature within the Company. Every position within the Company has a set of main accountabilities, which are aligned with EDPR’s objectives.

We take into account several factors for each position such as technical knowledge, degree of autonomy, and financial impact managed by each position. Our job descriptions explain the main responsibilities and mission for each position to enable us to track and enhance the professional development of our employees.

Performance and Potential Evaluation

All employees undergo an annual Performance Evaluation at the beginning of each calendar year for the previous year’s performance. The performance evaluation process reviews the quality and quantity of the work our employees perform, evaluates job knowledge, initiative, and attitude towards work and towards others.

Employees are also given an annual Potential Appraisal, which is to used help employees achieve their maximum potential within their professional development. This appraisal is based on a set of strategic competencies that are consistent with the entire EDP Group. It consists of a self evaluation and evaluation from their managers and peers.


We are committed to offering employees an attractive career development plan, as well as continuous education and training opportunities. The development of our employees is a strategic objective in order to align current and future demands of the organization with employees’ capabilities, while fulfilling their professional development expectations and support their continued employability.

From the first day on the job our employees are guided and supported by their teams and managers. We offer a collaborative learning environment in order to develop valuable strategic and technical skills and also provide crucial insight into the ever-changing industry in which we work.

EDPR performs regular performance and career development reviews and programs to all employees, regardless of professional category. The company also provides internal training courses and funding to support external training or education.


The Company encourages internal mobility so that employees have the opportunity to transition into other parts of the organisation. Therefore, we ensure that current employees have access to internal opportunities offered by the Company. Providing opportunities for professional growth and retention of our strong talent is critical to our success.

Additionally, as EDPR expands its business into new geographies, international mobility is more and more a crucial factor in the success of the Company strategy and employee’s career development. International mobility will be an important factor for professional development of the Company’s employees.

Work-Life Balance and Benefits

We promote and encourage work/life balance of our employees as a means to boost productivity, through an increase in performance, accountability and commitment, while employees are able to attain a greater level of satisfaction and enjoyment, both on and off the job. EDPR has actions in place for our work/life balance programs throughout geographies where the company has presence and will continue to improve and provide new benefits.

Additionally, EDPR is committed to offering a competitive benefits package to recognize the contributions and talent of its employees. Depending on the country legislation, EDPR provides benefits programs such as comprehensive healthcare and retirement pension plans.


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