eMotion Lab Glasgow Caledonian University

eMotionLab is primarily concerned with emotional engagement and understanding how and why people become emotionally attached to systems and how can we use that knowledge to increase engagement with new systems.

eMotion Lab Glasgow Caledonian University

Our affective scientists and emotion designers have worked with companies as wide ranging as the BBC and NHS on projects as varied as videogames, internet projects and rehabilitation exercises. Our clients choose us to ensure audience engagement and commercial success.

To support the development and evaluation of emotional products, the eMotionLab provides a team of experts in qualitative and quantitative research methods and user-centred design. This allows us to provide the following services:

  • emotional product design
  • emotion capture and evaluation
  • physiological measurements (GSR, EEG, HR)
  • play testing

For support designing and evaluating emotional products contact eMotionLab.


eMotion Lab
School of Engineering and Computing
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+44 (0)141 331 3000