The history of Emtelle and the history of telecommunications display strong parallels.


While telecommunications’ influence was spreading worldwide, we were developing increasingly global operations. Over the years, telecommunications has allowed users easier access to an explosively wider array of information; similarly, we have eased our own customers’ access to highly flexible networks. As telecommunications providers and users have grown more sophisticated, so has our response to their requirements and expectations. And our portfolio of products and services has continually kept pace with the evolving power and diversity of telecommunications technology.

For the last twenty-plus years, the world of telecommunications has inspired Emtelle to be the innovative company we are today. We’re committed to maintaining that win-win relationship far into the future.

Innovation, experience, expertise

With 180 employees and 20 years’ experience, Emtelle’s competitive strength lies in strong

technological capabilities, in relentless research & development, and in people whose

dedication and professionalism are exemplary. Our focus on customers’ needs constantly drives us to produce high-performance, high-end products. In addition, to create maximum value for our customers, we have pioneered new technologies in order to have an integrated management system that covers everything from supplies to production, and distribution to sales.


Emtelle UK Limited