ETL Factory

ETL Factory®, founded in 2012, is an independent software vendor delivering market leading automation and integration solutions. Our motivation is to develop products which enable Informatica PowerCenter users to implement the Lean Integration model recommended by Informatica by automating the Data Integration development process.

ETL Factory

For too long we have used hugely powerful Data Integration platforms according to the same methodologies that were historically used to develop on older, less powerful platforms. Our vision is to produce leaner, faster and better Data Integration processes by automating the Data Integration development process.

Automation takes the Data Integration build process off the Project’s critical path to free resources from labour-intensive, manual build operations to concentrate on implementing fit-for-purpose applications on-time and on-budget.

Our Mission

The ETL Factory is dedicated to developing tools which enable organisations to implement an automated approach to Data Integration development. Our software will bring the benefits of automation within the reach of every Informatica PowerCenter user, giving organisations the confidence and ability to successfully implement the Lean Integration model to deliver rapid and verifiable improvements to the quality, cost and speed of their Data Integration development activities.


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