Firebrand Games Ltd

Firebrand Games, set up by industry veteran Mark Greenshields, is a specialist Racing Game Development Company with studios in Glasgow, Scotland and Merritt Island, Florida.

Firebrand Games Ltd

Firebrand has consistently produced highly rated racing games, such as Grid, Dirt2 and Trackmania, for some of the world’s leading publishers. Firebrand develops on all platforms.

Race Driver: GRID has won the IGN Award for Best DS Racing/Driving Game of 2008 for the second year running following on from Race Driver: Create and Race in 2007.

Firebrand’s proprietary in-house technology, ‘Octane’, has been designed to create highly optimised games rich in both graphical detail and driving simulation for platforms from Nintendo DS through to Sony PS3. Octane is feature-rich and encompasses a full development pipeline and tool chain as well as a highly developed game engine.

Firebrand Games have developed nine critically acclaimed Games for the Nintendo DS and Wii in just over three years, and currently have many AAA titles in development.


Firebrand Games Ltd
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