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Using Firefish's 100% cloud based software recruiters can achieve the maximum number of placements by transforming their database into an engagement engine.

Firefish Software

The Firefish Story - By Wendy McDougall, CEO

After 16 years in the recruitment industry, I understand how important it is to know who you’re dealing with. Here’s a taste of who we are and where we came from:

Firefish Software was born out of a high performance recruitment team. We loved what we did and we were great at it – but we were frustrated with the limitations of the recruitment software on the market. So in 2006, we started to develop our own.

At the time I was running my own IT recruitment agency, 9-20 Recruitment. We used Firefish in-house and it became a big selling point for the agency, winning us the Onrec award for Best Use of Online Recruitment. We started getting attention from other recruitment agencies who’d seen what we were able to achieve with our software and a number asked if they could try it out themselves.

So in 2010, Firefish spun out into a business in its own right. We took on a handful of beta clients and continued to advance the software, taking their input every step of the way. Firefish received some amazing user feedback and, in 2012, won the ScotlandIS Digital Technology Award for Best Newcomer. In June 2013, I successfully sold 9-20 Recruitment to focus on scaling Firefish.

After 7 years of development, the results speak for themselves. The software was built around real recruitment businesses and my team know the recruitment industry inside out.