Fixed Phage

We are a cutting edge Biotechnology licensing company who are actively generating IP to address diverse issues within society. We have developed core technologies for the immobilisation of Bacteriophages (phages) onto the surface of a range of substrates.

Fixed Phage

Fixed-Phage is developing and commercialising a novel, well proven bacteriophage immobilisation and stabilisation technology.

Bacteriophages (“phages”), are naturally occurring microbes and are potent anti-infectives that target and destroy specific bacteria but are harmless to plants, animals and humans.

The antimicrobial properties of bacteriophages are now widely known. However, to date, it has been very difficult to:

  • Stabilise, target and fix phages to sites where they are needed to combat infection.
  • Establish a protectable patent position.

Fixed-Phage technology successfully addresses all these challenges, uniquely deploying a well-proven surface modification method, corona discharge, to covalently bond (immobilise) bacteriophages to many, diverse, carrier materials, thereby producing biologically active surfaces.

The phages fully retain their antimicrobial potency. In addition, phage stability and resistance to degradation are substantially increased.
Moreover, bacteriophages are highly susceptible to environmental stress, particularly drying.


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