Floating Power Plant A/S

Floating Power Plant develops unique floating wind concept that incorporates wave energy to provide a stable platform with safe O&M accessibility and reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE). The concept is proven with over 2 years offshore operation and is now in the final stages before commercialisation.

Floating Power Plant

Floating Power Plant is a Danish company, co.based in Scotland, that develops the world's only offshore proven combined wind and wave system with the goal of producing competitive power at water depths over 45 meters. At this depth, the wind industry today cannot develop profitable projects. The patented technology is developed in technical collaboration with industrial leaders including (amongst others) Siemens Industry, Fritz Schur Energy, Risø and Dong Energy. The technology has been developed over the last 8 years and is documented via 4 scaled grid connected offshore tests as well as wave basin testing, dry tests and, last but not least, in-depth mathematical modelling and engineering. The unique and patented combination of technologies results in numerous synergies ensuring that:

  • FPP’s device operates with impressive, unprecedented wave to wire efficiencies, proven within the offshore environment.
  • FPP is a key player in the floating wind energy market, with distinct advantages over competitors in operation, survivability and O&M obtained through the use of wave energy convertors.
  • The technology can become the preferred platform provided for wind turbines in water depths larger than 45 meters.
  • FPP is one of the only technology providers in deep water that can deliver power at prices that are attractive from business development perspective.
  • FPP’s technology reduces the LCOE.

Having successfully completed over 2 years of offshore tests of the P37 test device in Denmark, FPP is now moving fast towards the construction and deployment of its first commercial device. FPP is finalizing the details of the first international consortium agreement as technology provider for commercial offshore wind farms, with negotiations regarding further European commercial deployment projects underway.

Scotland is a primary market and FPP will increase its activities significantly over the coming period. 


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