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FreeFlow Technologies (FFT) have developed the world’s lightest power to weight E-Bike motor, allowing riders to travel faster and further for less effort. At the core of their motor is the innovative, patent protected transmission system technology.

We're an e-bike drivetrain manufacturer

Our e-bike motors integrate into bike designs with the smallest adjustments to the frame. Its small size makes them ideal for every type of bike and maintains a conventional looking bike design. The transmission provides a FreeFlow ride when the system is not switched on making the bike ride the same as a normal bike. The FreeFlow module system is a compact battery solution allowing frame designers to have battery options either in a removable or in frame solution.

Our patented transmission system involves two one directional bearings. This means that if a rider abruptly stops pedalling, or back pedals, there is no risk of damaging the motor. For this reason, a high-speed motor can be used that is small enough to be housed in the bicycle frame, allowing the system to be powerful yet lightweight and compact, fully concealed within the frame. Most competitors have bulky external motors and battery packs.


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