Genabler works with partners using our enabling technology to optimise biological pathways for the industrial manufacture of sustainable products across multiple sectors including AgBio, Industrial Enzymes, Biopharmaceuticals and Energy.


Genabler was formed in 2012 to meet the needs of a revolution that is underway as researchers begin to engineer biology to produce new biofuels, new medicines, and other products and processes that are cleaner and more cost effective than those currently available.

The Genabler technology is based on innovative chemistry and is automated, allowing high throughputs. Genabler's DNA assembly capabilities are used to rapidly and reliably create our partners' pathways for their onward development and experimentation. In addition to the advantage of better DNA assemblies and more reliable output, Genabler's combinatorial biology can produce assemblies at a size, scale, speed, and diversity impossible using current technologies.

The result is quicker, more efficient development of novel gene assemblies and at a scale and diversity previously impossible. Genabler's DNA assembly technology can be used to design sophisticated custom assemblies or to generate broad or tailored combinatorial libraries for screening and optimization of new gene pathways.

Genabler's DNA assembly enables a new paradigm in synthetic biology research: combinatorial biology.


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