Geoprober Drilling Ltd

Geoprober Drilling was established in 2004 as a new kind of data acquisition drilling contractor, specialising in deepwater exploration in areas such as West Africa, Brazil, India and the Far East.


The company has an engineering team based in Aberdeen and Dundee in Scotland (UK) designing and building the Geoprober Drilling system.

Geoprober is a deepwater exploration drilling system deployed from a mono-hull vessel. The company is designing, building and testing proprietary surface & subsea drilling technology.

By combining this with casing drilling and coiled tubing drilling technology Geoprober is developing a complete slim “finder” well system.

This will speed up operations, improve data acquisition options and reduce the environmental impact of exploration.

Geoprober is a Joint Industry Project funded by Chevron, Statoil and the US Department of Energy.


Minto Drive
Altens Industrial Estate
AB12 3LW

Tel: +44 1224 518068