Global Surface Intelligence Ltd

Global Surface Intelligence is an Edinburgh-based earth observation and artificial-intelligence-as-a-service provider.  We are a uniquely  focused data refinery company, with deep roots in environmental sciences, harnessing next generation artificial intelligence to transform satellite optical and radar data, UAV, drone and ground survey data into commercially valuable information, which can be instantly consumed by end users, data brokers, market places, geospatial data publishers and imagery aggregators.

Global Surface Intelligence Ltd

By analysing satellite data captured over the last decade on our natural resource management platform, we are able to assess and measure natural resources providing deeply quantified insights into forestry, agriculture & land use.


The actionable insights enable land owners, investors and service providers make better decisions about their assets. Enabling climate-smart management of natural resources leading to a more sustainable future.

The GSINow product family provide data analytics as a service. Using satellite analysis, we macro measure forestry, agriculture and land across the world. Our products are designed to answer questions about the current state, condition, value and sustainable use of natural resource assets and investments.