GX Consultancy Ltd

GX Consultancy Ltd is an IT Software Solutions & Consultancy company that strives to provide the best solutions possible with current technologies to business problems, ensuring at all times the highest level of customer care and product delivery quality.

GX Consultancy

GX Consultancy currently provides software for both the Whisky industry and other commercial areas with stock systems, tracking systems, traceability, and intelligent analysis and reporting.

Our Philosophy
The whole focus of our business is driven by our personal passion for quality service and to provide businesses with the best tools available for achieving their purpose, using an efficient, effective, and user friendly process. We believe that not only can we contribute to enhance businesses with the most effective solutions using the latest technology, but that we can also look to make a difference, enhance the world around us, and give something back, this is very important to us.

Our Mission
As an organisation and individuals we strive to provide the highest levels of quality and widest range of possible solutions during a period where this is becoming more complex and difficult with the constraints of the modern business world and the expectations emanating from society. We aim to reach higher, push harder, and immerse ourselves in the client's situation to be able to provide the best solutions to the current business processes, as well as identify areas where it was not first realised that a solution could be provided.

Development Strategy
We constantly look to best practice usage and in particular those that allow us to drive quality for our clients and solutions, respectively. Our ability to provide a flexible approach whilst maintain our quality processes for deliverables, enables us to ensure we are maintaining the standards we expect of ourselves and constantly improving in a world where new improvements are always around the corner.

There are currently two business partners in place who run the company since its start-up and we are now looking to increase our workforce with initially an additional member of staff, a Graduate who we can provide with the relevant knowledge, skills and education to help them grow with the business.


Evans Business Centre, John Smith Business Park
1 Begg Road