Incentive Games Limited

Incentive Games is a software provider using gamification techniques to acquire, retain and monetise customers for our clients.

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Incentive Games is a gamification specialist that conceptualises and develops online games. It licenses these games to client companies (generally in the sports and gaming sectors) in order to reduce their customer acquisition costs and to improve their customer engagement and retention levels.

IG designs and develops a variety of gaming software that helps its clients engage and, therefore, better monetise their customers. These games are generally free to play and centred around live sports meaning they can be played in parallel whilst viewing the events.

These products are live with clients in the sports and gaming sectors and are already generating revenue while others are in the process of being developed. We have a global footprint with products live in Africa, America, India, China, UK and Europe.

IG’s main USP is that one of the world’s leading gamification experts, Yu-kai Chou, creator of the Octalysis Framework and author of “Actionable Gamification”, is one of its key advisors. A part of creating successful games is being able to influence users’ behaviours in certain ways and this is one area where Yu-kai provides priceless insights.