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We bring self-awareness to people, teams, leaders and organisations. That’s where business breakthroughs happen. We provide insights for your people - increasing their self-awareness, helping them form better relationships, and becoming more effective at their jobs.

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Our tailored solutions will work for you; whether it's a series of workshops designed to help your teams work more productively, or a longer term programme based on leadership, culture or change, we’ll deliver the breakthroughs you’ve been searching for.
Self-understanding is transformative for your people; self-aware people are transformative for your business.

Come and join us!

We’re a people development company that's here to change the world of work forever - and we're hiring.

Watch our video to get a flavour of our unique culture and meet some of our fantastic people from around the globe.

What's it like to work at Insights?

Our global headquarters are in Dundee, Scotland, and in the US we're based in Austin, Texas. They're both seriously creative cities, full of people with big ideas, and we're proud to play our part. We’ve also got offices all over the place – have a look here and you’ll see that we’re somewhere near you.

Our CEO Andy likes to say we should bring our whole selves to work. That means being totally, weirdly, fantastically yourself when you walk through the door. If you’re a geek, own it. If you’re an Extravert, shout about it. Whether you’re a tech guru, an amazing coach, passionate about parkour – whatever it is, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Change the world with us

But we’ve got a serious side too. We really do want to change the world, one Insights Discovery Personal Profile, one person, one team, one organisation at a time. So we work our socks off and we’ll expect you to work yours off too.

In return you'll get as much development as you can handle, serious career progression and a chance to make a big impact in our organisation.


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