Insignia Technologies Limited

Based in Newhouse, Lanarkshire and established in 2012, Insignia Technologies Ltd. is a dynamic and innovative company developing a range of smart pigments which change colour when exposed to a variety of analytes. Our pigments are incorporated into plastics or inks to create intelligent, colour-changing labels for the food packaging industry. Our labels aim to reduce food waste throughout the food and drink sector as well as in consumer homes.

Insignia Technologies Ltd

Insignia Technologies has developed a range of unique and innovative labelling solutions that will clearly highlight to consumers and businesses the quality and freshness of their goods and products.

The strategic aim of the company is to reduce food waste and enhance food safety throughout the supply chain. In order to do this, we use intelligent plastics and inks to produce the only Time Temperature Indicator that is cost effective enough to be used on FMCG products.

The key component to all of the products is Insignia’s patented intelligent pigments, which change colour in response to changing levels of CO2, other gases or temperature. These pigments can be easily incorporated into plastic films and inks and then converted into colour changing labels which respond instantly or over a pre-calibrated time period. The chemical formulation of the pigments, can also be altered to produce a wide variety of indicators with different sensing properties.  

The flexibility of our technology allows us to work with customers to provide customised labels that can indicate food freshness, packaging opening times, cold chain integrity, and or tampering/damage to the packaging.


Insignia Technologies Ltd
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