IntelliDigest Ltd

An automated/kitchen fitted bio-upcycler that empowers businesses to precycle and upcycle.

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Our vision

At IntelliDigest, we are academic and entrepreneurial experts with a vision to eliminate avoidable food/plastic waste in the most resource efficient means by empowering HaFS businesses with the knowledge and convenient equipment to precycle thereby avoiding waste while unavoidable bio-wastes are upcycled in the earliest possible time to create completely biodegradable items (crockeries and packaging) that are easily upcyclable.

Globally, iDigest will be the sustainability mark used on kerbsides for bio-upcycling brand’s used food/drink packages to high-value biomaterials

Our solution will address the following challenges: 

  1. Address the challenges of plastic/food waste holistically by developing an onsite/automated bio-upcycler (IntelliAD) that can be fitted within the premises of businesses in the HaFS.
  2. Produce completely biodegradable items from upcycling unavoidable food waste, eliminating the need for plastics.
  3. The used biodegradable items can be upycled with unavoidable food waste to produce more biodegradable items and bioenergy making the HaFS resource efficient,
  4. Eliminate avoidable plastic waste and protect our oceans, sewers, and landfill as businesses use and re-use the biodegradable items.
  5. Eliminate avoidable food waste based on data from the sensors embedded in IntelliAD educating users-precycling.
  6. Boost the bio-economy without impacting food for consumption.
  7. Ensure that bio-waste is treated at the earliest possible time before it becomes putrid/smelly thus elimination the exposure to poor working conditions and deaths.
  8. Curbs associated emission of 8 kg of CO2 per truck-tonne of food waste collected and transported for recycling.