Intelligent Well Controls

Intelligent Well Controls was founded in 2009 to design and manufacture robust, reliable real-time surveying equipment based on MWD technology. In particular IWC’s unique design features are currently being offered into the unmanned Vertical Monitoring and into the Completion monitoring markets.

Intelligent well controls

IWC is the only provider of a through bore MWD pulser system. The entire MWD pulser, sensors, electronics and battery pack are mounted into the annular wall of the collar.

This unique design feature is common throughout our range of Drilling and Completion Tools. The through bore design permits the passage of balls for the activation of other downhole equipment and also the passage of wireline, coil tubing and thru tubing tool strings.

Annular mounting of the MWD tool ensures the equipment is not in the mud flow path; this enhances the operational range of the equipment and permits the tool to be more tolerant to LCM, Sand Content & High Flow Rate.

The size and through bore aspects permits the tool to be used in completion and drilling applications in a run once configuration. Completion tool options can be configured to transmit orientation, pressure (Annulus & Drill Pipe), Torque and Weight On Bit measurements.


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