Inuktun Europe Ltd

Inuktun Europe is a supplier of robotic crawler vehicles and industrial inspection cameras, primarily to the oil & gas and nuclear industries.

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Established in 2010, Inuktun Europe Limited is the master European distributor for Inuktun Services Limited (ISL) of BC, Canada.  Inuktun is a world-class designer and manufacturer of advanced robotic crawlers and remote-controlled video camera inspection systems. The company has built a reputation as the expert in remote controlled robotic transport and delivery of visual inspection equipment and instrumentation tooling. 

In addition to producing and selling a complete line of standard equipment for a variety of remote robotic inspection applications, the company also offers a complete range of engineering services from conceptual design through to project completion. Our primary markets are oil & gas, nuclear and renewable energy.


Unit 3, Crombie House
Grandholm Village
AB22 8BD