IOTech Systems

IOTech’s aim is to be a leader in the global Edge/Fog IoT platform market through a productized open source business model and a channel strategy incorporating the key global IoT players who are looking to leverage OT software solutions and skills they do not currently possess.

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Key elements of IOTech’s strategy are as follows:

IOT vendor & user support key to adoption

IoT and OT enabling infrastructure is not the primary focus for IoT vendors, users and technology providers, who see greater value in the solutions they build and deploy rather than the software infrastructure to support their solutions. This is demonstrated by significant complexity and lack of maturity in the IoT platform market. It can also be seen in the numerous collaborative horizontal and vertical standards efforts where companies are seeking to achieve consensus on technology requirements and architecture standards.

IOTech’s go-to market strategy will have at its heart a partner strategy designed to drive delivery through collaboration and standards; key to IOTech’s approach will be our vendor neutral status, we will be independent of silicon, hardware platform and operating system. IoT application providers represent the focus of the Edge infrastructure opportunity and they require a vendor neutral supplier with no baggage.

Business model for rapid scale out

The IOTech strategy will also have at its core an open source business model. We believe that this is the only model that can realistically facilitate rapid global scale out of this technology in the window of opportunity that exists, both in terms of removal of barriers to development, deployment and Time to Market (TTM) for new products and services.

The approach also makes sense as many of the component parts of an Edge platform solution are either in development or readily available in the Open Source community. In addition to core Open Source technology IOTech will deliver ‘product quality’ commercialized versions of the technology with a full roadmap, commercial support and maintenance, high quality testing and upgrade evolution, we will also make significant contributions into the Open Source community IOTech will drive the development, integration, productization and standardization of the Edge platform solution through an Open Source model monetized through commercial offerings such as support subscriptions, customization and white labeling of the full Edge platform.

Team ethic

The IOTech team who will deliver on the plan is quite simply unrivalled in its technical excellence in Distributed Real-time and Embedded (DRE) product delivery, OT domain expertise and global outlook. Our business ethics, belief in partnerships, collaboration and commitment to customer success will be the driving forces in all of our relationships.