IP Pragmatics Ltd

IP Pragmatics helps growing biotech companies, government research establishments and universities to create and realise value from their intellectual property assets through the provision of integrated IP and business development services.

IP Pragmatics Ltd

IP Pragmatics is a technology and intellectual property (IP) commercialisation consultancy providing expertise and services to help clients maximise the value of their IP and technology assets. We provide our clients with broad and extensive guidance across all aspects of technology commercialisation, intellectual property asset management and intellectual property advice through a combination of value creation and IP management services.

Our value creation services include:

  • Intellectual Property Auditing
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Valuation 
  • Business Development and Licensing 
  • Patent Landscaping Analysis

Our IP management services are centred around cost reduction and reducing the burden of managing an intellectual property portfolio to include:

  • Patent management strategy & tools 
  • Patent renewal payment services

Our IP consulting business covers the life sciences and related technology sectors, and we work with a wide range of Universities, public sector research organisations and private companies worldwide. The team at IP Pragmatics gained their early stage technology commercialisation and commercial experience from a range of organisations and industries, including from biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and clinical trial support. 

The company is headquartered in London and has offices in Edinburgh, UK and in Sydney, Australia.