Karma Oncology Limited

Karma Oncology is a unique, innovative oncology focused clinical development company. Headquartered in Scotland with offices in Amsterdam and Wilmington, Delaware, our remote team of experts covers Scotland, the rest of the UK, Western & Eastern Europe and North America.

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Karma Oncology provides services to biotech companies in two main areas:

  1. Creating customized clinical development plans to support investment and
  2.  Designing and performing clinical trials.

Our clinical development plans have been instrumental in securing funding for biotech companies in Europe and North America and allowed those companies to enter the clinical phase of development.

With respect to clinical trials, we perform all tasks from protocol design, site selection, regulatory start up, project management, monitoring & site management, through to completion of a submission-ready final report. Our experience includes a variety of therapeutic approaches from small molecules, selective internal radiation and cell therapies including autologous cell therapy in addition to CAR-T & NK therapies. In addition, our extensive oncology clinical trial experience guides client’s regulatory strategy and builds strong investigator relationships.

Karma Oncology is a virtual company, and our remote team of experts comprises Clinical Project Managers, CRAs and CTAs. All positions require previous experience as we work in a fast-paced environment where teamwork is vital and usually involves multiple time zones. We are always open to speculative CVs from experienced people, and all vacancies are posted on our website.

We are a small, but growing organisation where opportunities for growth are available to everybody in the company. Our core values are to develop people while providing a high quality, flexible service to our clients.