KILTR is a new media platform. The KILTR community creates and shares content that, at its core, is culturally relevant to you. KILTR is all about community, we promote sharing, collaborating and understanding, through a common cultural bond.


We call this kind of content the Good Stuff. KILTR is a source of new media and social cultural platform... #democracy #socialjustice.

KILTR also creates its own original content and from time-to-time we'll also do live broadcasts, which we’ll let you know about. We also want you to post original content which will get people thinking about the Good Stuff :) Let’s highlight, innovate and share more of the Good Stuff. Let’s Rise Up and get involved, remember… It’s all about the Good Stuff. It's also really important for us to bring our online communities together offline. Take a wee look at our video of our Street Feastival... It'll hopefully give you an idea of what we're about.


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