Environmental oil & gas service company with a focus on the Circular Economy for subsea production systems and controls. Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical engineering services.


Since its incorporation in December 2018, Aberdeenshire-based start-up Legasea has grown from a concept into a fast-growing business, that is leading the oil and gas sector in how it manages waste. Having recognised that a linear system is no longer a viable or sustainable option, Legasea utilises a circular economy system, which sees one company’s waste being refurbished and reused elsewhere.

Specialising in production systems and controls, and offering a range of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical engineering systems, Legasea operates across a wide range of markets, including subsea oil and gas production, drilling, topsides, and renewables. The company’s key objective is to act in a sustainable manner, and their overall strategy is to provide a ‘shore to store’ service to the oil and gas industry, taking subsea equipment that is no longer required, and finding routes to refurbish, recertify, remanufacture and reuse it, keeping as many components as possible in use.

Excess subsea equipment is typically produced to be held as a contingency backup, and it is then routinely scrapped, without being used, due to of the bespoke nature of the equipment. However, Legasea recognises the value of the component parts of these assemblies. Repurposing them is both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution which is conducive to the circular ethos that they are promoting within the oil and gas industry.