Linknode Ltd

Linknode are specialists in creating fast, fluid and innovative cross-platform mobile applications and augmented reality systems using sensor integration (GPS, camera and phone orientation) for the culture & heritage, leisure and tourism domains with the convergence of 3D data, location and visualisation – GIality (

Linknode Ltd

Linknode is made up of talented individuals with an eye for detail, strong technical skills, a platform of industry and development experience and passion for delivering sustainable quality.

As professional software architects and app developers we understand the requirements in project management, budgeting and costing, design, build processes for mobile apps.  We have robust procedures for scaleable development to allow us to meet challenges and also importantly understand the post-delivery requirements of support that are often overlooked.

We have developed our own software to facilitate cross-platform delivery using libraries and services on the iOS, Android and Windows Phone and tablet devices.

Linknode provide experience in application design and development, geospatial data management, systems integration and project management. We deliver solutions from our own in-house team for all stages of project lifecycle from inception to support across business domains and on the desktop, mobile device or via the cloud.

Our VentusAR solution brings 3D data, location based assessment and visualisation to wind energy developments for public engagement.

Our QRMuseum and mobile 3D visualisation solutions for exhibition display and visitor engagement allows users to directly interact with 3D models and contextual info on their smartphone or tablet, delivering an on-demand digital learning experience and digitally enhances the inspirational, educational and social aspects of today’s museums.

Our web-mapping expertise and OpenSource based solutions for sharing and interoperating with geographic information are used in hundreds of organisations across the UK.


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