Linn Products Limited

Linn is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through music; inspiring music lovers across the world with the best music systems for the home.

Linn Products

Linn was born in 1973 from a simple desire by Glaswegian, Ivor Tiefenbrun. Ivor was passionate about music but couldn't find a music system that was good enough to meet his exacting standards. Frustrated, he decided to build his own.

The result was the iconic Sondek LP12 turntable. This revolutionary product was designed to get more music out of a record and it worked, proving for the first time that the turntable – the source of the music – was the most important part of a HiFi system.  The LP12 is still produced by Linn and remains the benchmark for turntables worldwide.

Today, Linn DS sets the music standard for digital music players and outperforms every other CD or digital player on the market. It embodies everything they’ve learned about music and innovating great music systems which last.

As a Scottish company, Linn is based just outside Glasgow where every component in the HiFi chain is designed and made, ensuring the highest quality in every one of its products. One skilled person completes each task from start to finish, signing their name on it only when they are 100% satisfied with the final result. If you look on the underside of a Linn product you'll see the name of the person who assembled, tested and packed it.

In keeping with Linn’s revolutionary product advancements, they were also the first music company to record and distribute Studio Master downloads. A Studio Master is the highest quality music file available anywhere. It is the original recording, unleashing more of the music and allowing the listener to hear each song exactly as it sounded in the studio, before it was altered to fit on a CD or squashed down to MP3 size.

Awarded a Royal Warrant in 2002 and accepting the prestigious Queens Award For Enterprise in Innovation in 2012, Linn is widely recognised for their ground-breaking technology and continues to work hard; always striving to get closer to the original recording by creating the purest source of music available.