CEUD MILE FAILTE (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes). Locators has, since 1986, ensured that those bringing their skills to Scotland will receive one hundred thousand welcomes.


Our aim is to remove the stress from relocating and to ensure that new arrivals integrate quickly and easily to their new homes and neighbourhood.

Your needs

It starts by making certain individuals and families move into areas which suits their needs – where they feel at home. We take time to assess individual requirements and preferences prior to arrival. Each relocation assignment is tailored to meet our client’s lifestyle and will include:

- The ideal living environment

- Preferred style of house

- Proximity to


- Required local amenities

- Religious requirements

- Healthcare

- Education

- Favored sports

- Pet arrangements

Integration – enjoying Scotland

We believe that relocation it is not only about arriving but about living in Scotland. We will include you in sporting and cultural activities. You may wish to join our annual dinner at one of the old Scottish establishments and enjoy some of the 400 year old traditions or take advantage of our seats at Murrayfield, the home of Scottish Rugby.

Being immersed in Scottish Heritage we have over the years worked closely within the whisky industry and can assist and advise on Distillery visits. The list is endless.

Who receives our help?

Our recent relocation assignments include Chief Executives and their families, Board Members, Managers, Energy Experts and young PhD graduates coming to Scotland to start their careers and offer their expertise.

Who will help you?

We have teams across the country who not only have an in depth knowledge of the local area but are well versed in the history of the environment.

You will find these teams headed by Bob in Glasgow, Tom in Edinburgh, Moira in Aberdeen and Mandy in Stirling. All will offer you a personal and caring service not to mention CEUD MILE FAILTE!


Glenorchy House
3 Heathfield Drive
G62 8AZ

+44 (0) 141 570 0225