Lyles Sutherland Limited

Lyles Sutherland is a passionate, innovative and fast growing company. We produce web based software and website design and development for small to medium sized businesses. We are proud to be selling our software to over 90% of those we present to and are looking to take it to new markets.

Lyles Sutherland Limited

We design custom cloud software systems to automate as much of the process of a business as possible. With an emphasis on speed and usability our software significantly reduces businesses’ operating costs.

We also design and develop contemporary websites with options to suit a range of budgets. Designed to be responsive over desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Our talented team comprises of both website designers and software developers allowing us to take on projects of any size and complexity.

Enthusiasm, innovation and passion are what defines our business. The fact that we love what we do drives our business. We are never short of ideas – indeed we are always happy to share our thoughts with our customers when we think there are other options available beyond what we have been contracted to do. While, as a team, we are always trying to find different, interesting ways to approach a problem, we are always level headed enough to believe that before you “think outside the box” there has to be some examples of thinking inside it first

We are proud to bring together a team with a diverse range of skills. Our team comprises homegrown talent and some fantastic staff from the leading countries of Europe, adding a nice cosmopolitan mix to the business which helps generate a variety of ideas for approaching a project.