Machines With Vision Ltd

Precise low-cost vehicle localisation

Machines With Vision Ltd

Just as every fingerprint is unique to an individual...

  • Every point on a ground surface is unique to its location.
  • This distinctive property can be measured and mapped.
  • Our innovative technology uses this to enhance rail, robotics and self-driving cars.


  • A complete rail positioning solution.
  • Highly accurate positioning for maintenance.
  • Compact low cost solution for continuous track monitoring and increasing network capacity.
  • Real-time track-bed image capture and analysis for detecting change and features.
  • Operates at high speed and where GPS is unreliable or unavailable.


  • Autonomous driving development framework.
  • Provide direct ground-truth assessment of your localisation system.
  • Enable you to optimise your set-up to improve performance and reduce cost.
  • Ultimately improve the accuracy of your maps.
  • Augment your existing localisation solution for higher reliability & accuracy.